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7 Traffic Sources to Test in 2023

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Today we’re going to look at 7 sources of affiliate traffic that will help you get profits without a website by promoting unique gaming, trading and leadgen offers from Converting Team.

Social media

Social media is always a leader in generating quality traffic. In 2022, FB has become more loyal to the promotion of gaming and trading offers, which experienced webs are taking advantage of to boost revenue. 


Statistics show that FB is still the leader in terms of active users, along with Instagram and TikTok. 

How to choose the right social network as a source of traffic? Let’s look at the main influencing factors.


If your offer is aimed at Generation Z, mainstream social networks like FB, Instagram or TikTok are ideal. Note that it is not uncommon for millennials from the 35-40+ generation in many GEOs to prefer to spend more time on Twitter. This is especially true for the target audience of leadgen offers like home energy efficiency improvements.


Most of the target audience for B2B offers is active on LinkedIn, which is often underestimated by affiliates as a source of traffic. For trading and gaming, the main platforms are suitable, especially TikTok and FB. 


Social networks like Instagram and Pinterest are filled with colourful images and beautiful products. If your offer involves beautiful, striking visuals, there will be plenty of people who want to get aesthetic pleasure from your creatives and become your customers.

If the choice is difficult to make and you still have doubts about which affiliate sites and which GEOs will bring more profit, ask your affiliate manager.



Video content has been gaining momentum year after year and is quickly becoming the primary digital format for communicating with audiences. This year, the official number of users of Google’s service reached 2.2 billion! At the same time, according to Variety, 63% of users are willing to buy a product that their favorite video blogger recommends. The platform is ideal for placing gaming offers, and practically any offers that a charismatic blogger with an audience of thousands of people can talk about.

A cool feature of advertising on YouTube is that you can post long clips detailing all the benefits of the offer. The format can also be varied - gameplay, unboxing, comparisons, tests and other videos that gain views quickly.


The good old-fashioned email newsletter still works. Statista tells us that there are more than 4 billion email users in the world. To ignore such a source of traffic is simply impossible. Email marketing works, and that’s a fact. The tricky part is getting the strategy right and getting users to open your emails and click on the links. Also, gathering a good quality base for your mailing list can be an initial challenge. Here are some expert email marketing tips to improve your chances of success in 2023.

  • Create a simple and attractive e-mail collection form on your landing pages.
  • Be clear and accessible about the value you want to give to your target audience.
  • Encourage newsletter subscribers to forward your emails to people they know in return for bonuses, in order to expand your base through word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Invite email recipients to share their impressions of the offer on social media for a nice bonus.
  • Engage Influencers to gain access to their subscriber base in order to expand your list of potential CA. 

There’s no arguing email marketing is quite complex. That said, the effectiveness of correctly constructed marketing for the affiliate sphere is quite high, which cannot be ignored in a highly competitive environment in many niches.

Traditional blogs

Longreading platforms are still alive and well, especially in English-speaking countries. We include Steemit or Medium as such platforms. The latter, by the way, has around 100 million active readers per month. The peculiarity of blogging is the constant replenishment of the site with really high-quality content. And the content should not be mainly of advertising nature. In essence, it is a long game of collecting the right target audience around the necessary topics.

A quick way to earn, for example, gaming offers on traditional blogging platforms is to order guest review posts or recommendations. You can also actively promote the product in comments. The main thing is that the content should not look like spam and should fit as natively as possible into the theme of the blog with a large audience.


Pay-per-click advertising on Google works well and can bring quick result. However, as many experienced web users know, the site is very unfavourable to many affiliate marketing verticals. Also, the price for popular keywords can be daunting. If you have an experienced SEO professional on your team, though, you’ll be able to promote even the most “grey” offers.



Quora or Reddit are lesser used traffic sources and can be very lucrative. Also, not many affiliates know that Quora has a built-in advertising platform and promoted replies feature. It’s easy to find themed communities on the forums, with smaller but more targeted audiences for your campaigns. You can also promote your answers to questions about the offer and direct people to the right resources.


Audio format content is not as popular as video. It is just gaining momentum in our country. However, many people underestimate it. For example, there are over 90 million regular podcast listeners in the US alone. That’s not so few, is it? This niche of content also has its own stars in various directions, who will gladly create high-quality content about your offer and leave a link where it is needed for a remuneration.

To summarise

To promote unique gambling, crypto and leadgen offers, you need experience, a good budget and the right source of traffic. The main secret to success is to work with a reliable affiliate, whose experts will always be able to advise you on the right choice of offers and GEOs. 

Social networks remain the leader in the flow of quality traffic across different regions, despite stricter rules and advertising policies. Don’t be afraid to test new sources of traffic, and always stay in touch with a trusted manager who will advise you on your way to earning in the top niches.

Email your Converting Team manager for detailed advice on the best ways to make money for affiliates in 2023!


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