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How to Set Up Targeting in TikTok Ads

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TikTok is a great source of traffic for affiliates. Recently affiliates may face stricter moderation of campaigns. This is due to the social network’s active use of neural networks and the inclusion of manual moderation. 

Why TikTok?


  • The app’s audience already reaches more than 1 billion users worldwide and continues to grow.
  • As of early 2022, the app had been downloaded and installed more than 2.5 million times in one year, and by the end of 2022 that number had crossed the 3 million threshold.
  • The average web user spends about 1.5 hours a day on the app, and accesses it at least 8 times a day.
  • Despite the stereotype that only teenagers sit in TicToc, more than 56% of the social network’s audience are users aged 25-35.
  • Here they shop almost 1.6 times more actively than on other social networks, and more than 30% of users trust the recommendations in the videos.
  • An interesting fact is that more women (56%) sit in TicToc, although their number exceeds the male audience by only 6%.



TikTok’s constant innovation does not only involve tightening the rules and introducing new algorithms. For example, the auction for ad rates has stabilized significantly as early as 2022. Previously rates could differ by 10 or more times for different niches, but now ad prices have leveled off plus or minus.

By the way, advertising in TickTock is now available not only by region but also by specific cities. Now you can set up the targeting more accurately. Although there are nuances with the country of registration of actors, as well as the coverage of some (you may face blocking, as in the case of the RF).

Advertising in TikTok Ads: tips for beginners

It’s best to start pouring from ready-made accounts, warmed up for the GEO. Because there are strict restrictions on regions in the social network’s advertising.

Another nuance is that you need to make sure that the payment details match the advertising region. For example, if you are going to pour to the U.S., you need an American credit card or PayPal.

And, of course, you should take care of your phone number, active email, and all the accesses that you will need to use the advertising account. TikTok Ads Manager will appear to you automatically after you register (login to the account). To manage multiple advertising accounts, you can additionally use Business Manager. It works very similarly to FB. If you need expert advice you can always contact your affiliate manager.

Setting up TikTok Ads


TikTok Business Manager allows you to perform many functions. For example, add managers by icons, set up a pixel and segment audiences. In the settings, you can select the region of promotion, the goals of the advertising campaign, set the types of device, and specify the campaign parameters.

Target selection

Different TikTok campaign goals are available for affiliates. If you’re doing a warm-up, you might be satisfied with the audience reach goal. If you’re launching an ROI to earn money, you should set up with goals:

  • traffic;
  • conversion;
  • lead generation;
  • Install.

If you’re going to be pouring on apps, you’ll need to add them to your social network library beforehand. Note that TikTok allows you to add almost any tracker to track promotional links. 

Similar to the Facebook interface, you can segment your audience here by gender, age, region of residence, and language. By the way, you can specify ranges in almost every section. Keep in mind that you’ll need a separate menu to run multi-lingual ads.

A cool option in TikTok’s ad settings is audience interests. Here you can select popular content types by tag and author, which greatly increases the chances of success if your audience is gathered from a particular video blogger. See what the TikTok content popularity scale looks like in 2022.


Adjusting the budget

The days when you could set up campaigns with minimal ad budgets (up to $50) are long gone. Keep in mind that even though the minimum entry threshold for tests is $10-20, you will need at least $100 to drain. The average budget for quality tests corresponds to a sum of about $280. 

Advice - use the daily budget. To avoid wasting the entire amount, monitor the activity of the ad daily with a daily budget limit. This way you can stretch 300 bucks over 3 to 5 days. Next, let’s talk about the ads themselves.

A little more about numbers. According to various sources, at a price of about $10 per thousand impressions, the conversion price can be about $1. Although of course it all depends on the specific campaign. Often partners say that the installation can cost more than $5 when you gain turnovers. Here you should also understand that the advertiser with the highest bid wins the auction, as a rule. Also, during the life cycle of a creative, the price can drop significantly. 

The exact price of CPA will be clear after you run the ad for a few days. The algorithm in TikTok learns quite slowly. For example, you will reach the optimal result after at least a hundred downloads, if you set this goal.

Running ads

The production and selection of creatives for TikTok comes from popular content for the chosen target audience. The cool thing is that the social network makes it easy to make creatives in the native editor. Another trick is that you can use interactive elements. These will help increase engagement and eliminate blindness when viewing a lot of dynamic content. The ad will run after moderation and deposit.

Recall that when preparing effective creatives, you can also ask for help from affiliate managers. There is a special Telegram bot in the CT network, where you can quickly and easily order help in preparing your creatives on demand without direct communication with the creatives. Our partners receive finished creatives in a matter of hours.

Analysis and optimization

Launching an ad is not the end goal. Of course, affiliates need to monitor campaign results around the clock, conducting timely analysis and optimization. 

The main indicator of success is high ROI. If you have a lot of clicks, but few sales, feel free to suspend the campaign and look for reasons before you drain the entire budget. Analyze the statistics should be at least on several data sources. The native TickTock stats do not always provide the necessary data, so do not forget to use reliable trackers. 

Tips and tricks

If this is your first time, or it’s not the first time you’ve encountered problems running ads in TikTok, here are a few tips and tricks from the tops.

  • Resubmit your creatives

Sometimes simply reloading a good creative helps to pass moderation, even if on the first try the creative did not pass for unknown reasons.

  • Set a budget framework

Do not try to embrace the immensity, even with a steep shot of any group of ads. Stick to a set budget, allocate it in time between successful and unsuccessful RCs.

  • Make the best bets

In the fight for the best conditions for the purchase of advertising is quite possible to view the banks and overbid. Calmly follow the conditions at the prices offered by the algorithm.

  • Introduce automatic rules

You can safely set auto-rules for some RCs, for example, to disable some creativity when you go beyond the set spread.

  • Test the creatives

Tests should always be done. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different formats to increase the chances of successful draining.

Another non-standard recommendation is that you can use not only targeting ads, but also collabs with popular bloggers. Streaming ads are especially good. Prices influencers in different GEO can be both low (from $ 5) and exorbitant (2000 $ and above). Choose the best option for your budget and the number of CA and conduct experiments.

To summarize

When launching advertisements in TikTok Ads, the quality of your creatives and timely optimization play an important role. It’s almost impossible to work with micro budgets, but with an average budget of $300+ you can steadily get ahead. Experiment with creatives and formats, and use collabs with local bloggers to get better results.

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