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Online Casino Trends for Affiliates 2022

What’s in store for the gambling industry in 2022? Analyze and predict in today’s piece. Arm yourself and be inspired for new achievements!

Nearly two years of quarantine restrictions in many countries have increased the demand for online entertainment. Even after the lifting of restrictions, more and more people around the world are choosing to work remotely, providing a space in the market for online leisure. 

So what’s next for online casinos as we head towards 2022? Here’s a sneak peek at the future of the industry. 

User habits will continue to change

The transformation of consumer behaviour is already affecting the development of the online casino industry. For 2020-2021 iGaming has received a huge boost in audience size. Experts estimate that the trend will continue in 2022. 

According to the UKGC, more users are installing popular gaming applications on their smartphones than ever before. It is likely that the Google Play Store and App Store will become more loyal to gambling and betting apps, appreciating the growing consumer demand. 

A boom of free online games is predicted on social platforms, particularly on Facebook. This tool is not yet monetized but will continue to act as an excellent solution to attract new gamblers who are ready to switch to monetized gaming. In short, more people gaming means more people heading to online casinos and subsequently, there will be more money to be made. 

Competition will increase 

Given the strong push in the development of igaming, more and more game apps will start to hit the market. Developers are already working hard to meet the increased demand of customers. Old games will get a lot of updates and new creative solutions will appear aimed at generation Z.

On the one hand, the choice of offerers will become more extensive. However, it is likely that it will become more difficult to retain a player on one platform. Affiliates will need to be more cautious in choosing advertisers, checking out the offers and betting on trusted relationships with trusted partners.

Cryptocurrency will take over the online casino market

Crypto, along with the rise of online gambling, is taking on new markets and opening up incredible opportunities for the industry. Bitcoin and other digital currencies will gain the largest share of digital payments on gaming sites. Consumers persistently prefer this type of payment due to its simplicity and anonymity, as well as its lack of bank controls and fees.

There are now hundreds of online casinos and betting sites that accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, most sites are still waiting for corporate approval to integrate cryptocurrency payments. It is likely that hundreds of companies will receive these permits in 2022.

Closed countries will open

Thanks to the introduction of cryptocurrency in the sphere of online casinos, new countries with large audiences will enter the market. For example, online gaming is already actively recruiting players in previously closed Taiwan. Officially, it is still forbidden to play casino games there, but thanks to the availability of crypto, more and more players are installing gaming applications and generating serious revenue for the industry.

There are also risks, however, as countries are justifiably afraid of losing tax profits. Crypto profits often bypass taxation and are concentrated offshore. Therefore, it is likely that some countries will tighten legislation in this direction. And while the door is open, affiliates should not lose their chance to profit from fresh markets for gambling and betting offers in the coming season.

VR will take over 

Virtual reality technology is on the verge of becoming big business. Online casinos can move to a new level with the use of VR technology. NetEnt has already managed to present several prototypes of online casino games in virtual reality, but the demonstration is still raw and needs improvement. However, the company is placing huge bets on VR. 

The familiar slots and machines are likely to remain untouched. Dynamic technology is aiming for more lively, immersive games. 2022 will definitely be a watershed year in the proliferation of VR, so a new era of online gaming is just around the corner.

Reduced Emphasis on Slots

Undoubtedly, slots are the most sought-after type of entertainment in any online casino. But the slots audience is getting older. A huge proportion of slots players around the world will soon be in their 50s, and this will affect the market. 

Developers intend to gradually adjust the market to the demands of the new generation. Trendy chips are already being introduced. It looks like game companies will release games based on trending themes with more features. In 2022, slot machines with a set of fresh options like cascading wins, free spins, bonus rounds, wild and scatter symbols and similar additions will become more common.

Real-time games will become popular

What would make you go to a casino in another city when you can play against real dealers through your smartphone from the comfort of your own home? Gaming providers are looking to develop live dealer games by adding more features. For example, back in 2012 Evolution Gaming launched Crazy Time - this game went above and beyond, resembling a glossy TV show with live performers, winning a lot of awards as a result.

Some game manufacturers have even introduced games with topless dealers to try to entice more players! In addition, live game vendors will increase the social factor as early as next year by hiring more local dealers - native speakers of each live language. The companies plan to offer authentic gaming to players from all over the world.

Cooperation with other verticals

What do you think of live advertising of grocery and other offers during online play? Today we are seeing a positive growth trend in collaboration between online casinos and partners from other verticals. 

Promotional offers during tournaments and live games will soon become a real counterpart to the dying TV live ads. Thus, app casino owners will continue to act as a powerful platform to promote other offers, which affiliates need to consider when choosing traffic sources.

Major media brands will increase their pressure

Some highly competitive markets, such as the US, are seeing trends of big media brands taking over entire online gaming space. A prime example is the online bookmaker FoxBet. Their trick is that you can watch sports events on Fox Sports while playing on FoxBet. 

It is virtually impossible for small companies to compete with the real giants. That is why it is so important to test the ground now on new GEOs in order to have time in 2022 to collect the cream of the profits from those countries where big business sharks have not yet established their monopoly.

The Bottom Line

The online casino industry is expected to grow steadily in 2022 with the introduction of new technologies. It is possible that with the development of crypto, more markets in Asia, Europe and the rest of the world will become available to promote casino offers. 

The cooperation of the gambling industry and Esports with other verticals is increasing its potential. Developers are planning to release a lot of new products to the market, satisfying the demand of the younger generation. 

VR will to gradually take over online gaming, and real-time gaming will become the favourite pastime of many. Competition is growing at a breakneck pace, but now is the time to jump on these changes, and prepare a powerful growth strategy for 2022!

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